About Eezi Parties
Eezi   Parties   started   in   2015.   We   specialise   in   the   planning   and   setting   up   of   children   and Teens   parties,   taking   care   of   all   aspects   for   discerning   parents   who   require   a   one-stop party service. We   also   supervise   and   play   theme   and   age   appropriate   games   with   the   children   during the   birthday   party   or   provide   some   other   form   of   entertainment   for   the   children,   should our client require this additional service. Eezi   Parties   delivers   to   our   clients   homes   or   party   venues,   and   set   up      kiddie   chairs,   tables, tablecloths,    chaircovers    and    banners,    along    with    any    other    party    goodies    our    clients require.   Other   party   goodies   that   we   offer   our   clients   include   Party   Packs,   Cakes,   Helium Balloons, Pinatas, Photoboards, Jumping Castles etc. Look   no   further………we   don’t   fool   around;   creating   magical   and   memorable   celebrations is our passion!
West Coast inc Saldanha Bay Munisipality Area Belinda  Tel No.  071 379 1492 Email     sales@eeziparties.co.za Cape Town and surrounding area Hannah Abdelmonem Tel No.  079 990 0563 Email     sales1@eeziparties.co.za
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